1. womaninmemag:

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    How to get rid of Under Eye Bags?


    There are plenty of reasons for the under eye bags to develop but you can get rid of them through a number of ways. Most commonly the under eye bags develop because of emotional stress, extreme fatigue or even because of bad eating habits. For many people the under eye bags could also develop…


  2. My Four Food Groups


    1. Beer

    2. Bacon

    3. Vodka

    4. Potatoes

    Just because that’s how I roll.


  3. theexoticvet:

    As I predicted, Tumblr exploded with the post about feeding Hill’s. I have no idea why Hill’s is the new diet to be picked on but every few years a new one is chosen and made out to be evil incarnate. Hill’s is a perfectly fine food for your pet. The company does lots of scientific research on…


  4. magicsaltgrain:

    One thing I thought I would blog about today is an issue close to my heart.
    Probably any girls heart really.

    Body Image Issues.

    Over the last one to two years I have been slaving my butt away for my Diploma which I managed to get, thankfully, however in the midst of stress- I binge ate. I did…


  5. blitzywing:

    Delayed post but…. 50 lbs down! WOO HOO! About 40-50 more to go and I’m good. Yay!